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Nimbl is changing the way you access cash. With a few simple taps, get cash delivered to any location within our service area with your phone.

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Our Beta period just ended. Click here for more info. Enter your email and city to be notified when we're back in full swing.
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How it Works

Step 1

Order how much cash you want and where you would like it delivered.

Step 2

Our Nimbl runners will meet you within the estimated window provided.

Step 3

We'll send you a payment request after you confirm the amount - and that's it!


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Be Back Soon

About Us

Nimbl is a mobile application and service provided by GreenOps Inc., a technology services startup based in San Francisco, CA and New York, NY. Nimbl provides on-demand access to cash for consumers and SMBs.


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Want to work for Nimbl? Email

Beta Is Over - But Nimbl Is Just Getting STARTED!Close

A very heartfelt THANK YOU to the thousands of users who tried Nimbl during our beta period. We were delighted by the overwhelmingly positive response and, more importantly, the helpful feedback on how to make Nimbl even better.

We'll be taking that feedback along with other data that we've gathered and working on a feature-rich "v2" that will deliver a more seamless user experience along with improved delivery ETAs and coverage on Android and web.

To allow us to build in these system-wide product and operations upgrades, the service will be unavailable during this period. But don't worry - we won't forget if you were a Nimbl beta user, so expect lots of freebies when we're live again :)

If you didn't get to try Nimbl this time, we can't wait to show you how awesome it is. And for all the folks who have asked for Nimbl service in other cities: stay tuned - we're coming your way soon!

Humbly and with gratitude, The Nimbl Team